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An exhibition of work inspired by the technology, aesthetic, and society of the digital age. The Internet and other forms of communication sharing are transforming society, improving our mutual understanding, eliminating power differentials, and helping to realize a truly free and democratic world society. This exhibition will explore the implications and influence of our digital society through work from national and internationally acclaimed visual and performance artists.
  • James Bridle (London, UK)
  • Rachel Haddish + Shalom Gorewitz (New Jersey)
  • Nicole Ruggiero (NY)
  • Casey Kaufman (LA)
  • Lucia Riffel (Soup Experimental, FL)
  • Sabre Esler (ATL)
  • Lilly Reeves (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Josh Yoder (ATL)
  • Joe Bigley (ATL)
  • Nathan Sharratt (ATL)
  • Audrey Dakin (San Antonio, TX)
  • Luann Shermann (NY)
  • Tyler Mann (ATL)
  • Jason Thomas (ATL)
  • Lily Reeves


    Joe Bigley

    Jonas Lund


    Nathan Sharrat

    NEM ART COLLECTIVE 2008-2013

    Celebration In The Lair Of The Serpent Queen from CineBot Video on Vimeo.

    NEM Art & Neon Armour Present "Legends Of The Underground" from CineBot Video on Vimeo.