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Kris Pilcher

I am an award winning mixed reality artist who brings dreams to life through installations and digital technology.

I create hyper narrative projects that destroy the boundaries of reality.

My work has been exhibited throughout the world in many large festivals and galleries, including Ars Electronica,

Cannes XR, VRham virtual reality arts festival, and in Paris, Barcelona, New York, and L.A.

I have worked with researchers at major universities such as MIT Media Lab and Berkeley University.

My work is informed by the great digital divide.

I am interested in emerging forms of altered reality thanks to our rapidly advancing technology and how these new realities affect our cognition and interaction with the normality of physical existence.

I believe that mankind is on a precipice of technological evolution and I find it interesting to be able to experience and explore this transition.

Over the last fifteen years as a professional artist, I have created hundreds of successful community based projects and explored the outer limits of technology based artwork.

My work has been featured in Hollywood productions, on television, and profiled on a Netflix documentary series.

I am dedicated to creating work to benefit humanity and help us to explore inner and outer space, technology, and ourselves. My current interests are in Space Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual and Augmented Reality.

My work has been seen throughout the world and in Corporate Sectors.

Selected Press

"Art projection illuminates Woodruff Park Water Wall" - Atlanta Journal Constitution link

"Paseos virtuales por el arte contemporáneo de la mano del Espronceda" -City of Barcelona, Institute of Culture link

"Primera residència per a artistes de realitat virtual i augmentada"- Beteve, Barcelona link

"Forget gaming: how virtual reality is set to transform our lives in the real world – all from the comfort of our sofa"- South China Morning Post link

“Empty Storefronts at Midtown’s Colony Square get new life from artists” WABE[Atlanta] link

‘Southern Artists Embrace Alternate Realities’ Bitter Southerner link

Tyler Perry says... ‘Atlanta is the best city in the nation to be an artist’ Tylerperry.com link

‘Kris Pilcher Checks Atlanta’s Pulse’ Creative Loafing link

‘Kris Pilcher receives the city’s emerging artist award’ Creative Loafing link

‘ A Journey in Motion’ Southern Distinction Magazine link

‘On Second Thought’ Georgia Public Broadcasting link


I've spoken about many, many things, @ Georgia Tech, Google Developers Group Atlanta, Georgia State University, and more.

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Data Privacy

This is a general privacy policy for all of my immersive experiences, apps, games, websites, or computer programs. I DON'T SAVE YOUR DATA. (except for Dreams)

Sometimes, in order to give you the best immersive experience possible, I need to access certain sensors, files, or other aspects of your device.

This is only done during runtime, and I would never violate your trust by:

Selling your data

Serving you advertisements (unless this is a sponsored app or program and then only under the terms of the project)

Spying on you

Have fun with the experience and please feel free to contact me with any concerns. love, Kris p